toddler swimming

(2 - 3 years)


  1. Your toddler will become more independent in the water
  2. Strengthen the bond between you and your toddler
  3. Improve motor skills and co-ordination
  4. Develop floatation, propulsion and rotation
  5. Learn basic survival skills
  6. Improve social skills and interactions
  7. Improved language and conversational skills
  8. MAX of 4 per class.

Boy ring- water-2-11.jpg

Toddler Level 1

This is where we focus on teaching your toddler correct body position with floats (horizontal in the water), propulsion (efficient leg kick) and water confidence (being able to put their face in the water independently).

Toddler Level 2

Your toddler will progress further from the skills learnt in Level 1, specifically focusing on floatation, rotation and propulsion. Submersions and jumping from the side independently will increase as your Angel grows in confidence.

toddler Level 3

Independence is the name of the game at this stage. Our final toddler level will see your child making a conscious effort to perform skills independently such as jumping in, monkey climbing along poolside and introduction to floats and noodles with you as their ever-present guide and teacher. After this your little Angel will be swimming on their own with one of our amazing instructors. Click on the button below to see the next steps of your child's journey....