Angel Stage swimming

(3 - 8 years old)

Our Angel Stages are independent lessons (with you out of the water) that focus on the 4 recognised strokes: back stroke, freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly.

We use the teaching philosophy of the ASA and STA which abbreviated is BLABT: Body position, Legs, Arms, Breathing, Timing, which periodically builds on each phase of the full stroke. This method, combined with our small class sizes results in maximum progress in the minimum amount of time.

MAX of 4 per class. Please see Angel Stages below...

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Angel Stage 1

The first stage of independent lessons will see your child master skills such as entering the water safely, push and glides and star floats (with a little support).

Angel stage 2

Here your little Angel will be aiming to kick on their front and back for 5 metres. They will also practice collecting treasure from the bottom of the sea (pool), twisting from side to side and rolling from back to front.

Angel stage 3

This is where your child will progress to kicking 10+ metres and slowly introduce arm action on both back and front.

Angel stage 4

With improved strength, stamina and coordination, this exciting stage will introduce your Angel to uni-lateral and bi-lateral breathing on front, breast stroke leg kick and butterfly undulation. Swimming distances of 15+ metres with full stroke.

Angel stage  5

Now we will fine tune your child's stroke technique and efficiency across all 4 strokes. We will develop breast stroke and butterfly arms, introduce tumble turns and swim distances of 25+ metres

Angel stage 6

Our focus at this stage will be on improved stamina, starts and turns. Your child will perfect technique, perform timed swims and be introduced to Medley swimming (butterfly, back, breast and freestyle). Distances of 50+ metres. Our final stage will prepare your son or daughter for competitive swimming. Distances of 200+ metres will be practised, along with competitive starts, turns and medleys.