Baby Swimming - (8 weeks - 2 years)

From as young as 8 weeks we introduce our little Angels to the water. Our focus is to develop a positive relationship with you and your son or daughter by being in the water from the very beginning; through the use of nursery rhymes, floatation and submersion.

This is a key stage in their psychological and physiological development and our swimming lessons enable your baby to enhance not only their physical attributes, but also their social, audial, visual, and cognitive skills.

At Angel Swim London we have MAX of 4 per class (instead of the traditional 8 in a class) because we believe in quality over quantity which means faster progress.

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Level 1:  1.5-5 months

Your little Angel's first experience of the water will be a gentle introduction incorporating nursery rhymes, basic holds and strengthening the bond between you and your baby. From 8 weeks to 14 months with no swimming experience.

Level 2:  5-8 months

Building on the foundation laid in Stage 1, our Stage 2 programme will work on submersion, floatation and learning through play.

Level 3:  8-12 months

This course will increase the amount and duration of submersions as your little Angel becomes more accustomed to the aquatic environment and learning to hold their breath, as well as improving floatation and rotation.

Level 4:  12-15 months

By this point your little one will be closing their eyes and mouth in anticipation of submersions and confidently gripping the poolside. In addition they would have mastered the response to cue words before submersions.

Level 5:  15-18 months

Now your baby will be actively participating in rotations, making a conscious effort to jump in and will grow even more in confidence.

Level 6: 18-24 months

Your little Angel will be realising their independence and will be exploring with more confidence than ever before. Now your child will be ready for our Toddler Lessons.