summer 2018 crash courses

Our half term crash courses are designed to boost your child's confidence and swimming ability in the shortest possible time and to give them a fun, physical activity when they are not at school.

Our crash courses consist of 5 x 30 minute lessons over 5 days. The reason they work so well is that everything your child learns is easily remembered day by day throughout the week, it is essentially 5 weeks worth of lessons condensed into 5 days.

Crash courses are available for children aged 3 - 7 years.


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Baby/toddler 4 week course

Wednesday 25th July - Friday 19th August

Wednesdays & Sundays - 4 weeks 

No Make-ups elegible as it is a short course.

Wednesdays - £25 per lesson (£100) 

Sundays - £27 per lesson (£108) 

Ana Pajares will be teaching the course. 

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Monday 23rd - Friday 26th July


Monday 30th - Friday 3rd Aug


Monday 6th - Friday 10th Aug


Monday 13th - Friday 17th Aug

9:00 - 13:00 - Chelsea.  30 min lessons.

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Monday 23rd - Friday 26th July


Monday 30th - Friday 3rd Aug


9:00 - 13:00 - Balham.  30 min lessons.

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What is the best age to bring my child to a crash course?

We advise that your child be 3-7 years old for the crash course, this is to make sure they can benefit the most from daily swim lessons.

Can i select the amount of days to do or rescheduled?

Unfortunately if you cannot attend one day, we will not be able to refund you or reschedule. To ensure your child progresses we advise you to do the full 5 days of the course.

How much will my child progress in the crash course?

Each child is different when it comes to swimming and learning, there are a number of factors to consider, however we see a faster progress in crash course/intense swimming.

What will my child learn?

Dependant on the age of your child, we will focus on: water confidence, water safety and swimming techniques.

How much is the course?

Chelsea: 5 days - 2:1 - £175 (£35 per lesson)
Chelsea: 5 days - 1:1 - £249 (£49 per lesson)

Balham: 5 days - 2:1 - £150 (£30 per lesson)
Balham: 5 days - 1:1 - £225 (£45 per lesson)